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Relax.  I’m a pacifist vegetarian.  I enjoy shooting small paper targets at long ranges.  The math behind estimating distances and sizes with this kind of setup is interesting.  I cooked up a field cheat-sheet that can be customized for any magnification, reticle spacing, or range of interest. Details.


Kombucha is a beverage made by fermenting sweetened tea in the presence of a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (a “scoby”). There are many alleged health-supporting properties attributed to kombucha. It is lightly carbonated and has a nice flavor, somewhere between apple juice and apple cider vinegar, with a heavy influence of whatever tea variety it began with. The Wikipedia article explains more.

I was introduced to kombucha many years ago by a taiji-playing hippy friend who brewed his own. Commercial kombucha is overpriced for what it is. Recently, my good friend Luke began brewing kombucha and I got interested in doing it myself again.

Lots of variables. Here’s how I made the first batch.

Water: 1.9 l
Tea: 6 tbsp old but good grade Phoenix oolong from Vital T-Leaf in Seattle, plus 3 tbsp old average grade Jasmine from Daniel
Steeped: 10 mins on slow boil, plus 5 mins off heat
Sugar: 10 tbsp
Old scoby: Mother and daughter from Luke, plus 240 ml from a previous batch.
Fermented: 8 days in dark cupboard at 25.5°-29.0°C. Sweetness mostly gone.
New scoby: Bright white but not full diameter, saved with smaller previous scoby and 250 ml.
Bottled: 2008-05-27. Two 1.1 l bottles: one full, one 25% full. 2 days at 22.0-24.0°C in dark bathtub.
Result: Could use more carbonation. Maybe a bit too acidic.

I’ll try again.

Bell Mobility puts out a magazine called Business On The Go and they included some (very brief) words from me about what my company, Verrus, is up to in the wireless entertainment space.

Full issue is here. Text on page 9. (Bad photo on page 8.)