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Lions' Gate BridgePerfect weather, mass participation. Two coworkers and their friends/family joined me, also in pirate garb. And met some friends on the way, as usual. Yarrr.

Click the image to see some photos or click here for a video.


What a pain. All I wanted to do was speed up a video I shot. Apple dropped a bunch of features (including time stretching) from iMovie between ’06 and ’08. I only have ’08 and Apple no longer lets ’08 users download ’06. I tried other video apps I have. Norkross? Nope. Handbrake? Nope. FFMpeg? Nope. VLC? Nope. Much searching and experimenting didn’t turn up a solution so I resorted to the command line. Mencoder.

Here’s what I cooked up. It’s sloppy and the codec options aren’t thought out at all, but it worked and maybe someone else will find it useful.
mencoder -speed 1.4 -ovc xvid -xvidencopts vhq=1:pass=2:qpel:trellis:bitrate=1500 -oac mp3lame -lameopts abr:br=128 -srate 44100 -o new.avi

I’m sure this will work with mencoder in Linux and Windows also.

Robson StreetGreat weather for the ride and a big turnout. Rode with some coworkers and colleagues and, as usual, ended up bumping into several other friends along the way.

I took some photos and a couple of videos (1 & 2) with the BasketCam.

I don’t normally do the media or public-facing work at Verrus but it happened again, and except for the makeup and hairspray, it was fairly fun. I was invited onto a weekly technology news show again to talk about what my company does, this time hosted by Leo Laporte. My friend and co-founder Geoff Routledge and Marketing Director Kirsten Gulbransen set this up.

From the show: “Darren Stone (Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Verrus Mobile Technologies, Inc.) : Verrus, a pioneer in pay by phone services, discusses the benefits and the technology behind its pay by phone parking service now available in over 90 cities and towns throughout North America and Europe. Today, it’s the most widely-used pay by phone system providing motorists with a smarter way to park – all through the use of their mobile phone.”

The Lab with Leo Laporte, Episode 20. May 23, 2007. Transcript of show.