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Robson StreetGreat weather for the ride and a big turnout. Rode with some coworkers and colleagues and, as usual, ended up bumping into several other friends along the way.

I took some photos and a couple of videos (1 & 2) with the BasketCam.


Earth Day, candlelight computingEarth Day, April 22, 2009.

One co-worker needed his lights on. We’re keeping the rest of the office dark. Yes, that’s a candle there. No heat/AC today either. (It’s nice & quiet!)

Did I ride my bike to work? Duh.

Rode my first official brevet yesterday, a 200 km route to start the spring series. Kept myself fed and hydrated and finished feeling really good in 9:12.  Joining a well-organized paceline at the end made a big difference.  Met plenty of nice people during and after the ride.  Randonneuring is great.

I rode the 100 km event with several friends on Sunday. Here are 1 / 2 photos someone else took. I’m in black with my back turned, friends next to me. Cool morning but warmest and sunniest day of the year yet. Actually got sun burned. We all rode hard and felt strong at the end. Great day and I’m happy with my performance. My time for the 107 km was 4:23, including a very generous control stop for food.

Answering a question on the Rivendell mailing list…

Noodle, Thumbies, & interruptors
Top-down view of the current incarnation of my Saluki controls. Nitto Noodle bar, Paul Thumbies, and interruptor levers. It all fits, even with my big paws, and it’s very convenient.

I didn’t want any black anodized parts on this bike so I removed the anodizing on the interruptor mounts and the Thumbies, polished them a little, and then clearcoated them. Clear anodizing would have been better.

Cabling is Jagwire Switch with V-type brake 90-degree brake noodles used for a neat and tight run off the Thumbies. I may do the same for the front brake and eliminate its cable completely.

fork-mounted computer
fork-mounted computer
My computer mount is fairly unique so I’ll share it here also. I don’t need to stare at my speed and distance all day right under my nose, but I did want a simple computer somewhere and I wanted a clean mount. So I put it part-way down the fork on a Paul Components Gino Light Mount. This was an experiment and I like it so far. It’s readable from the drops, hoods, or tops. More reliable than a wireless setup and just as tidy.

I cut and resoldered the sensor wire (2 conductors inside) so it just runs straight across to the sensor an inch away.