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Shakuhachi students were invited to play and have tea hosted by a local master of the tea ceremony.  Several of us played, including Kozue, a koto player, who kindly took this photo of me playing a piece of bamboo I harvested in 2005 in Nagano, Japan and made into a 3.25 hocchiku.


Had the computer out, in a coffee shop today. I thought it would be interesting to write a program to arrange lists of words into those “word find” puzzles. The algorithm, in Python, turned out very simple and I think it does a passable job of squeezing words into the smallest grid possible.

As the very first test, I fed it a quick list of 42 words related to shakuhachi and it spat out a 17×17 puzzle.


And another, comprised of titles from the Chikuho Ryu repertoire.