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Friends in background, their new masters in foreground. E is a male human infant. F is a male miniature long-haired dachshund.
the whole S/O family E



collection of bamboo
Another great weekend. Shakuhachi Society of BC’s annual hocchiku-making workshop. Hosted by shakuhachi master Alcvin Takegawa Ramos and his wife Sandra at Bamboo-In. Accomodations and meditation at Sunshine Zen Centre. June 2006, in Madiera Park on the Sunshine Coast of BC.

I built a simple proximity-controlled musical instrument based around my favorite 8-bit sound chip, the MOS 6581.

Okay, it’s not particularly musical. Or maybe I’m not. But it’s ambient, noisy, glitchy and drony and fun to play. Wave your hands to make noise. If you know what a Theremin is, you get it.

Details and microcontroller code are here.